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Weekend Update

As you may or may not know, school started for me this past Monday. For those who have never been through nursing school, it’s a lot of work and takes up a lot of your time. I will apologize in advance for those that read my blog. I will try my hardest to update at least 3x/week, if not, more. I’m in my 2nd year and it’s going to get tougher and I progress. However, for those that follow me on Twitter, I update that a lot more as I’m watching the games. If you’re not following me, go ahead and do that so we can chat it up there: Follow Me!

News as of today. Vin Scully will return to call the 2011 home games and NL West away games! Most people believed he would retire. I’m just happy we get him for one more year. Summed up, we are extremely lucky to have him as the voice of our Dodgers. Personally, I love his opening, “Hello, and a very pleasant evening, where ever you may be.” What’s yours?

Secondly, Dodgers acquired catcher Rod Barajas from the Mets for cash. I didn’t realize what an asset Russell was catching until he went down. Stealers are 18-for-18 with Ausmus and Ellis behind the plate. They’re also a combined 8-for-56 at-bats. I hope the fans realize what he brings to us defensively. I know I was a pessimist about him regarding his low AVG. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Matt Kemp Bobblehead night: No sell-out crowd. That may be due to a lot of reasons: McCourts, economy, Kemp’s offensive slump, Rihanna? No, just kidding. I know I will support my team, win or lose. The team finally gave us a win. Actually, a 6-0 shutout. Kershaw pitched a solid 7 innings while Jansen was brought in and taken out in the blink of an eye. Thankfully and much to my surprise, both Sherrill & Broxton pitched 1-2-3 innings. Maybe the boos from the crowd have gotten to them? I actually have stopped booing them. I’m not sure if that does more harm than good. I just hope the bullpen continues to pitch how they did that night.


8/17/10Thursday vs. Rockies: Got free tickets to this game. Took my niece and Actually_Ashley joined us. I swear, I think my niece might be a bigger Dodger fan than I am now! She can give you the line-up if you simply ask her, “Nana, who’s playing right now?” “Mah Camp, Jeems Toney, Ondre Etier, Afal Fucal, Faffy!” lol Dodgers win 2-0 thanks to Reed Johnson’s 2-run surprise blast to LFP. Lilly pitched a hell of a game. He gave the Rockies a 9-inning shutout. He is now 4-0 as a Dodger. I think that he feels comfortable in Dodger Blue. It’s what he’s been wanting since he was a kid and he now is in his zone. It’s happened many times before when a pitcher or player gets traded when they’re in a slump and they bounce back and catch fire with their new team (think: Padilla, Maddux, DeWitt). I’m excited to see more from him.


Nana1.JPGKemp signing: I was honestly disappointed that Raffy canceled the signing, but since I haven’t gotten to meet Kemp, I decided to still attend. I arrived at Verizon Wireless store at 5am. I believe they were probably about 20 people ahead of me. Thanks to the unorganized manner the store handled the signing, We ended up having 50-80 people in front of us. It was a circus out there. A lot of fans were very angry. To top it off, we were all in the sun for hours. They tried to make up for their lack of planning by offering free water. Let’s just say, I didn’t want your water or your mugs, or your beach balls. I wanted shade and I wanted organization. Next time, I know I’ll need to get there earlier. I finally met Roberto from Vin Scully is my Homeboy. Wasn’t much of a happy meeting since we were all sleepy and hot haha. Next time we’ll take a picture! I got a BP ball signed. Manny from Dodger Fever was one of the ones who came with me. While waiting in line, we contemplated over what we would tell Kemp. I believe I went with, “Good job getting wood on the ball again, Matt.” Manny said, “Let’s start a winning streak.” Kemp replied with, “That’s the plan!” Kemp signed Manny’s bobblehead (of which I picked up for him!) I let Kemp use my pen to sign my ball 🙂 I came back with a farmer’s tan, but all in all, I’d say it was worth it because I got to spend time with good friends. Below are pictures (we weren’t allowed to snap any pictures of Matt while in the store):





kempball.JPGAnd for now, that is all. Until, next time, Viva Los Dodgers!  


sOap bubble OOOOOoooo

I have to say that ever since the 2009 NLCS Game 1 vs. the Cardinals, Padilla has been one of my favorite pitchers to watch. He has such finesse on the mound and pitches so gracefully, I’m literally in awe anytime I watch him. I was introduced to his slow 52mph curve during that game.


Yesterday, Padilla threw 9 shutout innings (yes, that number is correct) in a 9-0 victory against 1st place NL rivals, Padres. He threw 4-5 slow curve balls, better known to the fans who listen to Vin Scully as “soap bubble” pitches. These babies go as slow at 50 mph on a good release. It has hitters confused like no other! They usually stare at it or swing away like it’s tee ball! Padilla not only helped on the mound, but also offensively. He scored an RBI single in the 7th to up the lead from 4-0 to 5-0. Offense exploded to tally on 4 more runs, including a 2-run homer by Dre himself. It as a beauty of a game. First 20,000 in attendance received a beach towel (mine was recovered by my mini-plan friend so don’t worry!)

I’m glad I got to see the boys do some work. This is the team everyone is hoping to see down the stretch, especially 7 games back of the Padres, who are known to choke in August, while the Dodger are known to go on a hot streak. Plenty of more baseball left! Hold on tight.

Tomorrow is a Dodger-filled day for me! James Loney signing in the AM. He is scheduled to only be there from 12pm-1pm. I’m planning on getting there at 7am for that. Then later that night, off to the Ravine for 80’s night and a Matt Kemp poster! Can’t wait. I’ve got my outfit all ready to go. I’ll be in LFP section 311 Row A with a crazy 80’s get-up. Make sure to stop by and say hello at either place! Would love to meet some of my readers 🙂

Another great weekend ahead. Remember, one game at a time! As always, Viva Los Dodgers!