Matt Kemp:
AVG .319

SLG .391

OBS .572

OPS .962

HR 31

RBI 100

SB 35

Easily the numbers of an MVP winner, but according to the media, he will most likely NOT win the prestigious award. Why? Because Matt Kemp plays for a team that is not contending. They have no chance for a playoff berth, yet Matt Kemp continues to dedicate his time, energy, focus & obvious talent to the team, regardless. However, Matt Kemp cannot carry the team on his bat alone, as much as he tries to, so why are these judges already writing him off as a candidate? Let’s look at it further.

As James Santelli writes :

“There is no win this award? Has he not earned it in their eyes? Does he not get attention simply because his team isn’t contending? The clear-cut definition of what Most Valuable means. It is up to the individual voter to decide who was the Most Valuable Player in each league to his team. The MVP need not come from a division winner or other playoff qualifier.”

These are from the MVP voting rules themselves. It clearly defines that the MVP adds value to “his team” not the TEAM to the player, so why can’t Matt Kemp win? His numbers don’t lie. This amazing outfielder has the best numbers in baseball today & will get shunned from winning the award because of something he cannot control, the team standings.

It’s not to say that Kemp has not contributed to the Dodgers at all, because he has. Late inning heroics & walk-offs by Kemp have been a reason for many to stay until the last inning. Amazing diving catches in center have saved many runs from scoring. Already the first player since 2009 to join the 30/30 club en route to a 40/40 season, all on a losing squad. Yet Matt Kemp does not give up hope. He thanks God every day for waking up and being able to play. He stays connected with fans through Twitter. He buys pizza & soda for his 80+ fans camping out since 6pm for his signing. He’s the most humble MVP I could ever find because even though a World Series ring is unlikely for him this year, he hustles and he plays hard, gets dirty and rallies the fans to come join him at the stadium & watch some baseball.

No other player around like him and should the NL MVP award go to someone else, it would be a sad day in baseball history

Viva Los Dodgers & our All-Star & future MVP, Matt Kemp!


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