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Dodgers Shut the Lights Out in Their Anaheim Farewell

Last night, Dodgers avoided the season sweep by the Halos in a 10-6 victory in what was quite an odd game, to say the least.

In fact, this series in Anaheim gave us everything from base running errors to fake throws to 3rd-2nd-1st-3rd-Cat-3rd to pick off an Angel & lights even went out toward the end of the game. I later found out that the outage was caused by Disneyland’s World of Colors show. On top of that, Martin turned in two pick-offs, Furcal turned an excellent play, Matt Kemp showed some of his gold glove off with an amazing catch in short center field & Dodgers took the last of the 3-game series before heading back home to the Ravine.

Let’s talking about Kemp. He’s struggling (well, if that isn’t the understatement of the year!). On the Dodgers website, they wrote “Every Dodger not named Matt Kemp had an RBI tonight.” That’s quite depressing. Matt Kemp needs to find his groove & just put some wood on that ball. He’s got to make contact. I’m tired of seeing him 0-for-how many ever at bats he has. K looking. K swinging. K walking away and giving up. Was it Coletti? Was it Rihanna? Honestly, at this point, I could argue about both of them. Fact is, Matt Kemp needs to move on from whatever got in his head & work on getting back to ’09 form. The Dodgers as a team are struggling, what with all the injuries (blisters!), deaths (RIP Raffy’s papa), & countless other incidents, they’re just not in the game right now. Fact of the matter is that the Dodgers need to get back on the ball because the Bronx Bombers are coming to visit LA & that will not be a walk in the park.

Yankees come in leading the AL East (probably the toughest division in the majors) riding a record of 6-4 in their last 10. Although they play slightly less than amazing on the Road, the Yankees come in with Jeter (.279), Cano (.362), Swisher (.299), Rodriguez (.280), to name a few! I won’t get into the Yankee line-up because I’ll leave that to our Yankee Expert Jessica.

Jess, tell us how this series has been over on the East. Here in LA, it has been hyped up beyond imagination (two storied franchises….rivalry renewed blah blah). I’m sure the Dodger fans will want your perspective on this =) oh & thank you for doing this! You’re pretty damn awesome!!!

Here’s a link to Yankees @ Dodger Stadium win-loss. Dodgers are 10-4 in this match-up =)

From @truebluela on Twitter

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Arriba Los Doyers! Spank the Yanks!



I cannot even begin to discuss tonight’s game. Angels, you took game 1. We will come back and fight tomorrow. That’s all I can promise. Instead, I will talk about this thing known as team rivalry.

I’m sure all Dodger fans have had their share of encounters with countless Angels “fans” & had some sort of argument to whatever degree or extent. These are the fans that have either hopped ship because they lost hope in the Dodgers not having a WS since ’88, those that hopped ship back when the Angels were from “California,” or the those who were unfortunate enough to grow up in an Angel fan family (then the rare few that actually love the team lol jk).

They speak of Dodger players going to the better team or of loving a good team, blah, blah, blah. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Angels organization is an excellent one, with amazing roster acquisitions & countless playoff appearances. However, I can still argue that my team is better. Statistically speaking, Angels have won more games against the Dodgers than the Dodgers have the Angels. SO WHAT! My team is better =) The rivalry that happens between certain teams are sometimes what makes a season, too! Take a series, bragging rights! Lose one and you shake your head & say your team will get them next time. Being a fan is about being loyal to your team, no matter how they play. Sure, get angry. Give them the Bronx Cheer (boooooooooooo), but love them no matter what. Win, celebrate with them. Lose? Cry, shake your fist, throw something or punch someone (I suggest an Angel fan). Regardless of stats or win/losses, or averages, or a lucky game, your loyalty lies in your team, whether haven’t won in 22 years or whether they’ve only been around for 40.

Take for example, the country selections for the World Cup. These teams have the most loyal fan-base you could ask for. People have cried for team losses & cried for team wins. For a championship that comes around every four years and that has been dominated by Brazil & Italy since it’s conception in 1930, these fans have a lot of heart.

So whether your team hasn’t won a WS in 100+ years (Cubs) or you’ve dominated the WS since the beginning of time (think Yankees), cheer & boo with all your heart because one day, you may be part of history!

Today’s game:
Elymania goes up against Kazmir & the Halos to try & take game 2. I will be at the Ravine in Reserve 25. Catch me there =)

Arriba Los Doyers!


FIFA World Cup 2010:
Group A
South Africa 1-1 Mexico
Uruguay 0-0 France
All teams have 1 point.

Arriba Mexico! Arriba Chicharito! Arriba Vela!

C. VelaJ. Hernandez


NomarNomar, Nomar, Nomar! What can I say about him?? I will begin this entry
with my story of his bobblehead SGA day:

NG Bobblehead

4/26/2007: I had purchased my most expensive tickets to date: $80 a piece
in 38 FD. I wanted to be as close to Nomar that day so he’d hear me yell
his name & proclaim my love for him lol. Of course, I had to invite
Chris. He of course accepted. Since I bought both tickets, he drove.
Let me preface the next part by saying there are many ways to get to
Dodger Stadium. I didn’t know it then, but I can make my way around
Elysian Park quite expertly now. Freeways, side streets, shortcuts,
traffic. You must calculate all this into your route and time schedule.
My dear friend Chris decides to take the following: 710 N, off on Cesar
Chavez all the way to Dodger Stadium….at 5:30pm on a giveaway day.
Needless to say, we didn’t arrive before the first pitch. We didn’t
arrive for the first inning. We didn’t arrive until the 3rd & of
course, bobbleheads were gone by then. I was sooo upset. I listen to
games on the radio all the time, but never when I’m on my way. I always
have to get there to watch the first pitch or be in the stadium by the
first pitch. I didn’t get my bobblehead. It was a good game and seats
were awesome. I still never let Chris forget it!

The next month, a year after introducing me to the Dodgers, Chris
invites me to his yearly family Dodger game. His entire family (20+ at
least) all attend a game in one of the pavilions. It was my first time
in AYCE RF Pav. While waiting in line for food, he disappears randomly.
Being that so many people were there, I couldn’t see him. He comes back
with a bag. In the bag is my very own Nomar bobblehead & a Cinco de Mayo Nomar pin
(the day of my first game). He definitely made it up, but I wish we both
would’ve gotten that bobblehead for free =(

I most likely will be seeing Chris and his family this Saturday during
their pre-game bbq. He wanted me to mention our bet. If Nomar hit a
homer while we both were at a game, I would give Chris a kiss. Nomar never hit one
when we were there LOL.

And this is Chris & I (wow, blonde hair. Kind of miss it =/) in RF Pavilion when he bought me my Nomar Bobblehead
Remy & LilyTomorrow’s Game: Looking for the big money, Dodgers send Bills (6-3, 3.80) to open the Freeway Series at home against Pineiro (4-6, 5.23) & the Halos. We last saw Bills on the 5th of June where he gave up 3 ER in the win to the Braves. His ERA is slightly higher at home. Let’s hope he gives us a good game.