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Off-Season Update #1

I’d like to pretend that this season didn’t happen and that our rivals didn’t win the World Series… *closes eyes* ….Okay, I guess that didn’t work as well as I hoped. *cough* Congrats *cough* to the World Champs *mumble mumble, cough, sniff* yeah!

Enough of that! It is now officially the off-season and we’re all very sad that there is no baseball to watch! I’m counting down the days until spring training to visit Camelback and watch my boys do what they do best, which is play some ball! However, the Dodgers concern isn’t with spring training just yet. What is of biggest concern to our ball club is the roster. We have a lot of players who are eligible for free agency this year, some players who are up for raises through arbitration, player options and freed up salary for next year. I will break down the Dodgers’ options. A lot of moves need to be made if we’re looking to win a World Series in the next decade (which we should be!)

Already Signed

Ted Lilly- After his stellar performance last year since moving to the club that he’s dreamed of playing for since childhood, it was only proper to re-sign the California native. He’s signed to a 3-year $33 million dollar deal. Along with Kershaw & Billingsley, he is the only certainty we have in our rotation.

Jay Gibbons- Signed a 1-year contract for $650,000. Provides middle of the line-up run support and possible left-fielder position.

Not Returning

Scott Podsednik- Declined his 2011 option, which would have landed him $2 million.

Possible Free Agents

Hiroki Kuroda- Was struggling in the beginning, but came into his own during the second-half. Possibly the veteran pitcher Ned will sign.

Vicente Padilla- Pitched a hell of a season before getting injured before the playoff push. Possible veteran pitcher to be signed, but being prone to injuries may make it unlikely. I would like to see him come back. I mean, if he could keep up with CC in the NYY series, why not?

Rod Barajas- Insurance behind the plate seeing as Russell Martin finds himself on the injury list. Ned mentioned he wanted to sign him before the club lost exclusive negotiation rights.

Reed Johnson, Jeff Weaver- Doesn’t seem like Dodgers are yes or no about these two. Don’t add or take away from the team. I say let them go and get better pitchers!

Trade Possibilities

Loney- Had a second half slump. Overall, he has a general lack of power. Defensively, he’s a gem, but we desperately need the offense!

Kuroda vs Padilla

Kuroda will cost us $15 mil and Padilla will cost us $5 mil

Defensive/Offensive Needs

Left fielder- Can be filled by Gibbons or another player to have 4 OF

Infielders- 1st base power, 2nd base is locked down by Carroll since Theriot hit a slump, 3rd base power. Casey Blake isn’t cutting it. I’m not fearing the beard here.

Catching- Rod City seems to be working, we’ll see how he does in training if he’s signed.

Pitching- Veteran starter and veteran reliever needed to round out the bullpen. Broxton needs major work.

Money Available

$10 million is freed up from last year’s payroll

Names Being Mentioned (Pulled these from other blogs, articles, and even fan comments)

  • Prince Fielder
  • Adrian Gonzalez
  • Dan Uggla
  • Ivan De Jesus
  • Adam Dunn

Personally, I think we need all need to take one for the team and develop our farm system. LA is NOT going to win a world series with short-term fixes. Look at what the Giants have done. They are all Farm Boys! Sorry to say it, but we’re not buying our way to a World Series. We are not the Yankees. Way too much money has already been spent and it hasn’t gotten us anywhere, but I’d like to hear some of your thoughts.

Figured I’d bring back the “Wait ’til next year” motto that Dem Brooklyn Bums adopted. However, for us, it may be YEARS from now. We need to re-build this franchise. It means building from the bottom up. Strong foundation. Working with our prospects (instead of trading them away). We’re going to be ridiculed for having crappy everything regardless. So, I say we take another 3 or 4 crappy years and come back with a team that rivals this year’s Giants and last year’s Yankees. What do you say? 

Dem Bums T-Shirt

Dem Bums


Also, don’t forget to vote for Kuo, Belliard, & Dodgers Ballboy in the TYIB awards!


Until next time, think blue!



sOap bubble OOOOOoooo

I have to say that ever since the 2009 NLCS Game 1 vs. the Cardinals, Padilla has been one of my favorite pitchers to watch. He has such finesse on the mound and pitches so gracefully, I’m literally in awe anytime I watch him. I was introduced to his slow 52mph curve during that game.


Yesterday, Padilla threw 9 shutout innings (yes, that number is correct) in a 9-0 victory against 1st place NL rivals, Padres. He threw 4-5 slow curve balls, better known to the fans who listen to Vin Scully as “soap bubble” pitches. These babies go as slow at 50 mph on a good release. It has hitters confused like no other! They usually stare at it or swing away like it’s tee ball! Padilla not only helped on the mound, but also offensively. He scored an RBI single in the 7th to up the lead from 4-0 to 5-0. Offense exploded to tally on 4 more runs, including a 2-run homer by Dre himself. It as a beauty of a game. First 20,000 in attendance received a beach towel (mine was recovered by my mini-plan friend so don’t worry!)

I’m glad I got to see the boys do some work. This is the team everyone is hoping to see down the stretch, especially 7 games back of the Padres, who are known to choke in August, while the Dodger are known to go on a hot streak. Plenty of more baseball left! Hold on tight.

Tomorrow is a Dodger-filled day for me! James Loney signing in the AM. He is scheduled to only be there from 12pm-1pm. I’m planning on getting there at 7am for that. Then later that night, off to the Ravine for 80’s night and a Matt Kemp poster! Can’t wait. I’ve got my outfit all ready to go. I’ll be in LFP section 311 Row A with a crazy 80’s get-up. Make sure to stop by and say hello at either place! Would love to meet some of my readers 🙂

Another great weekend ahead. Remember, one game at a time! As always, Viva Los Dodgers!



All Star Break





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WOOOOHHHHHHH we’re halfway there.
OOHHH Livin’ on a Prayer! Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is officially the
2010 All Star Break & Dodgers have 4 very deserving players representing
them on the National League team. Dodgers end the half with a 49-39 pct. Just 2
games behind the Padres tied with Colorado. The team is hitting well
collectively and it looks like they should fare well come second half.

Padilla pitched a brilliant 8-inning
shutout against the Cubs on Sunday night. His struck out 6 and finished strong.
It was nice to see his slow “soap bubble” pitch in person. Last minute plans
had me at Blue Heaven on Earth on Sunday night with my partner-in-crime (PIC),
Liz sitting in LFP! Great times. I tried my hand at scoring the game with NO
SUCCESS! It’s just very difficult to keep track in such a noisy area! Maybe if
I sat in a corner like loge or reserve. Oh, who am I kidding? I guess I’ll
score from home. Dodgers won 7-0 with a 3-run blast from Loney! This guy is
amazing! He’s just 3 RBI’s short of leading the majors! Now isn’t that
something? He’s underrated and overlooked. Just because he’s not making
millions to do what he does means he’s any less talented or deserving than the
big salary players. Look out for Loney because he’s only just getting started.

This is Turtle's Town!

Check out this mini billboard outside of RF Pavilion. It’s pretty freaking awesome! I got to make my own This Is My Town Billboard!

Dodgers' Angels

Only Angels around here are Charlie’s and they’re Dodgers fans lol

Though the countless All Star Break
celebrations have been going on since last week, the festivities officially
started Monday with the State Farm Homerun Derby and the All Stars Legends and
Celebrities Softball Game. To the surprise of everyone, David “Big Papi” Ortiz
won the derby by belting out 32 homeruns at the Big A. Hanley Ramirez from the
Marlins gave him a run for his money, but being that they were old friends, it
was just hugs and laughs after the fact. Ubaldo Jimenez has been slated to
start against the AL tonight at 8PM ET. Jimenez is an amazing pitcher and I’m
excited to see what he’ll bring to the table. Ethier is set to play center
field and bat 7th in the lineup. I’m hoping I can get a Furcal
jersey or shirt! However, it may be too late
Make sure you catch our boys battle for the home field advantage! Should be a
good game.