To Each Their Own…Seating?

Have you ever heard, “Oh, I don’t sit in LFP. They’re too rowdy,” or “You only see beach balls in Reserve?”

It’s what I call seating level profiling, where the area you sit in comes along with a stereotype. Some of them are pretty funny and others may be offensive. However, I believe each section has its advantages in watching a ball game.

Let’s start with Field Level Seating. They are the yellow seats, or the first level in the actual stadium. You can sit anywhere from Infield, to near the dugout, to the baseline and by the foul pole, near any of the two bullpens. Mario (@Jr_Vin on Twitter) says that he enjoys sitting in Field level seats because they’re a great price (talking about the Veterans price. He gets them for $25). Jesse (@JesRey7) says that Field seats are always nice. Ashley (@Actually_Ashley) picks Field seats hands down because her “Grams had season tickets on 3rd base line so all of my earliest Dodger memories are there.” Myrna (@babyhoneyisme) also loves 3rd baseline seats, “Great view and chance to meet, up close, players,” but she doesn’t get those often because they’re expensive. Usually Field seats are the pricier ones, but have a great view of the game and you can possibly have celebrities sightings here.

Loge is the second level seating, or the orange seats. Mistakenly pronounced LODGE, it is actually said (low-ge). Just a little FYI for you guys πŸ™‚ Suzanne (@dodgerfan2525) loves Loge level down third base side. She loves the view there. (@culverfan) likes Loge as well. Rosie’s (@dodgerchick2010) favorite place to sit is Loge. You have a great selection of food here and some pretty good seats and views that aren’t as pricey as Field. However, be careful if you sit in the last row! The roof becomes so low, that you can’t see a homerun or pop-up go out. That’s the only issue I’ve had when sitting there.

Third level up is Infield Reserve & Reserve, the turquoise and dark turquoise seats. Suzanne said she sat in Reserve most of her life, that there are good fans and memories there. Myrna says that these seats have a great view of LA. I had my 2010 and 2011 miniplans here. This is the land of the Beach Balls. You can count on seeing at least a couple whiz by your head during the game. This area gets a bit of a bad rep due to those fairweather fans that like to go to the games, drink and be rowdy, but if you can block that out, it’s a great view of the field. Raine (@rainesss) agrees with that, “For me, I like Reserve. I like to see the whole field πŸ™‚ and top deck is too high.”

Then comes Top Deck, the blue seats, also referred to as the nosebleeds. These seats offer up probably the greatest view of Chavez Ravine. Lorena (@luvthedodgers23) is a season ticket holder in TD since 2005. She says that TD is more mellow, where people keep score and 30+ year season ticket holders share stories with their neighbors. The cheapest seats in the house. This is where the true ballpark experience is. Nothing fancy on food choices, the typical ballpark items & Top of the Park store. You can find Emma (@Crzblue) promoting SABR or in her seats keeping score of the current game.

Left Field Pavilion, or LFP as most like to call it, are the bleacher seats. A lot of people who haven’t not sat there are afraid to sit here because this is usually the most rowdy of the areas. Rival fans beware, this is not the greatest place to sit if you’re wearing the wrong colors. There are tenured fans here as well, but they’re the ones who like to get the wave started, or get a chant going. These fans like to yell out to the outfielders. These fans get to catch balls thrown from the players and possibly catch a homerun ball during BP or the game. Hector (@MrHectorFlores) says, “Rather pay to sit in LFP than get free tickets in another section.” When asked where he likes to sit, Jorge (@JorgeSilva93) said, “LFP! You are close to the action and has the loudest fans in the stadium.” LFP, the place to be, home of the Bleacher Creachers and everyone’s favorite usher, Patrick (@ThatDudeSkits).

All You Can Eat Right Field Pavilion, or AYCE, or RFP, whatever you like to call you, this place is chalk-full of fans and FOOD. I once saw a fan walk out with a fan of over 20 Dodger Dogs. For the price of about a ticket in LFP and a Dodger Dog, you can get a seat, unlimited Soda refills, Dodger Dogs, popcorn, nachos and peanuts. Martha (@Marfuuuh) who would just love to be at the Stadium prefers LFP or AYCE. Come hungry, leave happy πŸ™‚

Last, but certainly not least (as shown by the price tag on these tickets), Dugout Club. Ranging up over $250 a seat, they are worth every penny. These seats require you to arrive hours (3 or more) to enjoy all the free food, watch BP, go on the field, and possibly meet Tommy Lasorda. You may even run into a celebrity. All food and drinks, except alcoholic, are free. If you can save up for at least one game a year, I highly suggest you do so. A great experience!

Then there are those fans that don’t care where they sit, as long as they’re at the game. Levi (@Levi_24) says, “Doesn’t matter for me as long as I’m in the stadium.” Jorge (@jorgedlt) says, “There’s no such thing as a bad seat at the ravine.”

Personally, I’ve sat in all areas of the ballpark. My favorite? Field level, but I’ve got a soft spot for LFP. If money wasn’t an option, I’d probably sit near the Dodgers dugout.

Where do you like to sit and why?

Viva Los Dodgers!



  1. Jorge

    I really enjoyed your blog. It’s quite nice to read positive feedback and you writing is very eloquent! Go Dodgers! God bless.

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