Farewell Furcal

Saturday night, the Dodgers traded SS Rafael Furcal to the St. Louis Cardinals. To say that I was sad is a bit of an understatement. Everyone knows that I hold a special place in my heart for Furcal. If you don’t know the story, let me direct you to this post:

Furcal was the Dodgers’ starting shortstop for five years. In those five years, he gave the team the best he had. He wowed the fans with amazing defensive plays, plays that otherwise would not have been made by any other shortstop in the league. At the plate, he showed us what a switch-hitter does as a leadoff man, which is where he spent all of his time on the Dodgers’ lineup. Furcal was the reason to show up by the bottom of the 1st or you’d risk missing out on a first inning, first pitch leadoff homerun to the right field seats. It happened to me…twice!

Again, I am probably biased in saying he was probably one of the best Dodger shortstops to come along this decade. There are more right-handed hitters in baseball, so therefore, more balls are hit to the shortstop. To fill the most dynamic defensive position in the game, it was only fitting for Dodgers to acquire a dynamic player such as Furcal. He showed us his range with web gems to the left or right of him. He made magnificent plays to prevent a runner from getting on base. He has a cannon of an arm that could throw out even the fastest jackrabbit on the base path. Not only that, but he was himself a good base stealer and made the game very exciting for the fans.

At this past Sunday’s game, the Dodgers publicly announced his trade and thanked Raffy for his tenure with the club. I heard many boos coming from those fairweather fans that often frequent giveaway days, but I did stand up and clap and I wish more people would have done the same thing. Many of his teammates had very good things to say about Raffy, as a player, as a teammate and as a person. Matt Kemp tweeted the following:

Tough loss 2day. Even tougher when u lose one of your teammates!! We gonna miss Raffy!! Cardinals got a great ball player and a great person

And we will all miss Raffy, or Fookie as some of the Dodgers liked to call him. From now on, we must see him in a Cardinals uniform.

Below are just some highlights of Raffy during his time in a Dodgers uniform.







Farewell Raffy, this Dodger fan will miss you.


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