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sOap bubble OOOOOoooo

I have to say that ever since the 2009 NLCS Game 1 vs. the Cardinals, Padilla has been one of my favorite pitchers to watch. He has such finesse on the mound and pitches so gracefully, I’m literally in awe anytime I watch him. I was introduced to his slow 52mph curve during that game.


Yesterday, Padilla threw 9 shutout innings (yes, that number is correct) in a 9-0 victory against 1st place NL rivals, Padres. He threw 4-5 slow curve balls, better known to the fans who listen to Vin Scully as “soap bubble” pitches. These babies go as slow at 50 mph on a good release. It has hitters confused like no other! They usually stare at it or swing away like it’s tee ball! Padilla not only helped on the mound, but also offensively. He scored an RBI single in the 7th to up the lead from 4-0 to 5-0. Offense exploded to tally on 4 more runs, including a 2-run homer by Dre himself. It as a beauty of a game. First 20,000 in attendance received a beach towel (mine was recovered by my mini-plan friend so don’t worry!)

I’m glad I got to see the boys do some work. This is the team everyone is hoping to see down the stretch, especially 7 games back of the Padres, who are known to choke in August, while the Dodger are known to go on a hot streak. Plenty of more baseball left! Hold on tight.

Tomorrow is a Dodger-filled day for me! James Loney signing in the AM. He is scheduled to only be there from 12pm-1pm. I’m planning on getting there at 7am for that. Then later that night, off to the Ravine for 80’s night and a Matt Kemp poster! Can’t wait. I’ve got my outfit all ready to go. I’ll be in LFP section 311 Row A with a crazy 80’s get-up. Make sure to stop by and say hello at either place! Would love to meet some of my readers 🙂

Another great weekend ahead. Remember, one game at a time! As always, Viva Los Dodgers!




Kershaw & Furcal on Fire

Kershaw delivered a magnificent performance tonight as pitched 8 innings earning 2 runs off 7 hits, walking NONE and he struck out 12 Cubbies (13 is his career high). This start around, he got the W thanks to Big John closing out the 9th and getting the save. (Let’s not recall that Broxton blew 4 of Kershaw’s W’s last season & he blew the Yankee game on 6/27 which was another Kershaw start). Regardless of that, Dodgers were able to pull out the W. Backing up Kershaw’s amazing pitching was the bat of Red-Hot Rafael “Fuego” Furcal! Raffy went 3-for-3, (Single, Double, HR) shy of hitting for the cycle, stole a base & secured Kershaw the W when he hit a 2-run BOMB. Again, tell me why this man is not in the All Star game?? When the American League is packed with power hitters, why are we not packing our team with pitching AND hitting?? I personally voted 100 times (4 different emails) and each 100 times it was for Raffy. Did he get on the team? No. Regardless, I think Furcal has given great performances day after day especially coming off from his difficult month of June. After mentioning his tough time dealing with the loss of his father, he said his father would’ve wanted him to play and play well. This man plays for the Love of the Game & he’s an All-Star in my eyes. I suggest he plays the song by Fuego called Super Estrella (Super Star) from now on, even though I love his current at-bat song “Chambonea” by Omega. =D and if you’re wondering, Raffy is my all-time favorite Dodger. He’s been with the club since I’ve been a fan. I hope he stays with them because he deserves to be playing every day like he should be.

All Star Weekend starting tomorrow. I will be going to Fan Fest in Anaheim convention center tomorrow with a fellow baseball fan (however, he is a Yankees’ fan eek!) Should be good times. My first time going. I will definitely take plenty of pictures!

Starting line up for the NL All Star team is:

C: Yadier Molina (STL)
1B: Albert Pujols (STL)
2B: Chase Utley (PHI)
SS: Hanley Ramirez (FLA)
3B: David Wright (NYM)
OF: Ryan Braun (MIL)
OF: Andre Ethier (LAD)
OF: Jason Heyward (ATL)

Representing the Dodgers will also be Broxton on the pitching staff. Torre will manage the NL league & he looks to battle the AL power hitters with big-time pitching with the likes of Carpenter, Halladay, Jimenez, Lincecum, and Wainwright to name a few. It should be a great game and if you’re not planning on watching it, you’d regret it!

Friday’s probables: Billingsley set to take the mound against Ted Lilly. Bills, after coming off a rough April and the injured list, has been pitching better and with more confidence. Pitch count gets high, but he has only allowed a total of 3 runs in his last two starts. A very happy birthday to my twitter friends @DodgerGirl_86 @dodgerdaisy & @AYE_DREE_AN who will be in LFP for tonight’s game to celebrate!

Until next time,
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