To Each Their Own…Seating?

Have you ever heard, “Oh, I don’t sit in LFP. They’re too rowdy,” or “You only see beach balls in Reserve?”

It’s what I call seating level profiling, where the area you sit in comes along with a stereotype. Some of them are pretty funny and others may be offensive. However, I believe each section has its advantages in watching a ball game.

Let’s start with Field Level Seating. They are the yellow seats, or the first level in the actual stadium. You can sit anywhere from Infield, to near the dugout, to the baseline and by the foul pole, near any of the two bullpens. Mario (@Jr_Vin on Twitter) says that he enjoys sitting in Field level seats because they’re a great price (talking about the Veterans price. He gets them for $25). Jesse (@JesRey7) says that Field seats are always nice. Ashley (@Actually_Ashley) picks Field seats hands down because her “Grams had season tickets on 3rd base line so all of my earliest Dodger memories are there.” Myrna (@babyhoneyisme) also loves 3rd baseline seats, “Great view and chance to meet, up close, players,” but she doesn’t get those often because they’re expensive. Usually Field seats are the pricier ones, but have a great view of the game and you can possibly have celebrities sightings here.

Loge is the second level seating, or the orange seats. Mistakenly pronounced LODGE, it is actually said (low-ge). Just a little FYI for you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ Suzanne (@dodgerfan2525) loves Loge level down third base side. She loves the view there. (@culverfan) likes Loge as well. Rosie’s (@dodgerchick2010) favorite place to sit is Loge. You have a great selection of food here and some pretty good seats and views that aren’t as pricey as Field. However, be careful if you sit in the last row! The roof becomes so low, that you can’t see a homerun or pop-up go out. That’s the only issue I’ve had when sitting there.

Third level up is Infield Reserve & Reserve, the turquoise and dark turquoise seats. Suzanne said she sat in Reserve most of her life, that there are good fans and memories there. Myrna says that these seats have a great view of LA. I had my 2010 and 2011 miniplans here. This is the land of the Beach Balls. You can count on seeing at least a couple whiz by your head during the game. This area gets a bit of a bad rep due to those fairweather fans that like to go to the games, drink and be rowdy, but if you can block that out, it’s a great view of the field. Raine (@rainesss) agrees with that, “For me, I like Reserve. I like to see the whole field ๐Ÿ™‚ and top deck is too high.”

Then comes Top Deck, the blue seats, also referred to as the nosebleeds. These seats offer up probably the greatest view of Chavez Ravine. Lorena (@luvthedodgers23) is a season ticket holder in TD since 2005. She says that TD is more mellow, where people keep score and 30+ year season ticket holders share stories with their neighbors. The cheapest seats in the house. This is where the true ballpark experience is. Nothing fancy on food choices, the typical ballpark items & Top of the Park store. You can find Emma (@Crzblue) promoting SABR or in her seats keeping score of the current game.

Left Field Pavilion, or LFP as most like to call it, are the bleacher seats. A lot of people who haven’t not sat there are afraid to sit here because this is usually the most rowdy of the areas. Rival fans beware, this is not the greatest place to sit if you’re wearing the wrong colors. There are tenured fans here as well, but they’re the ones who like to get the wave started, or get a chant going. These fans like to yell out to the outfielders. These fans get to catch balls thrown from the players and possibly catch a homerun ball during BP or the game. Hector (@MrHectorFlores) says, “Rather pay to sit in LFP than get free tickets in another section.” When asked where he likes to sit, Jorge (@JorgeSilva93) said, “LFP! You are close to the action and has the loudest fans in the stadium.” LFP, the place to be, home of the Bleacher Creachers and everyone’s favorite usher, Patrick (@ThatDudeSkits).

All You Can Eat Right Field Pavilion, or AYCE, or RFP, whatever you like to call you, this place is chalk-full of fans and FOOD. I once saw a fan walk out with a fan of over 20 Dodger Dogs. For the price of about a ticket in LFP and a Dodger Dog, you can get a seat, unlimited Soda refills, Dodger Dogs, popcorn, nachos and peanuts. Martha (@Marfuuuh) who would just love to be at the Stadium prefers LFP or AYCE. Come hungry, leave happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Last, but certainly not least (as shown by the price tag on these tickets), Dugout Club. Ranging up over $250 a seat, they are worth every penny. These seats require you to arrive hours (3 or more) to enjoy all the free food, watch BP, go on the field, and possibly meet Tommy Lasorda. You may even run into a celebrity. All food and drinks, except alcoholic, are free. If you can save up for at least one game a year, I highly suggest you do so. A great experience!

Then there are those fans that don’t care where they sit, as long as they’re at the game. Levi (@Levi_24) says, “Doesn’t matter for me as long as I’m in the stadium.” Jorge (@jorgedlt) says, “There’s no such thing as a bad seat at the ravine.”

Personally, I’ve sat in all areas of the ballpark. My favorite? Field level, but I’ve got a soft spot for LFP. If money wasn’t an option, I’d probably sit near the Dodgers dugout.

Where do you like to sit and why?

Viva Los Dodgers!


Matt Kemp:
AVG .319

SLG .391

OBS .572

OPS .962

HR 31

RBI 100

SB 35

Easily the numbers of an MVP winner, but according to the media, he will most likely NOT win the prestigious award. Why? Because Matt Kemp plays for a team that is not contending. They have no chance for a playoff berth, yet Matt Kemp continues to dedicate his time, energy, focus & obvious talent to the team, regardless. However, Matt Kemp cannot carry the team on his bat alone, as much as he tries to, so why are these judges already writing him off as a candidate? Let’s look at it further.

As James Santelli writes :

“There is no win this award? Has he not earned it in their eyes? Does he not get attention simply because his team isn’t contending? The clear-cut definition of what Most Valuable means. It is up to the individual voter to decide who was the Most Valuable Player in each league to his team. The MVP need not come from a division winner or other playoff qualifier.”

These are from the MVP voting rules themselves. It clearly defines that the MVP adds value to “his team” not the TEAM to the player, so why can’t Matt Kemp win? His numbers don’t lie. This amazing outfielder has the best numbers in baseball today & will get shunned from winning the award because of something he cannot control, the team standings.

It’s not to say that Kemp has not contributed to the Dodgers at all, because he has. Late inning heroics & walk-offs by Kemp have been a reason for many to stay until the last inning. Amazing diving catches in center have saved many runs from scoring. Already the first player since 2009 to join the 30/30 club en route to a 40/40 season, all on a losing squad. Yet Matt Kemp does not give up hope. He thanks God every day for waking up and being able to play. He stays connected with fans through Twitter. He buys pizza & soda for his 80+ fans camping out since 6pm for his signing. He’s the most humble MVP I could ever find because even though a World Series ring is unlikely for him this year, he hustles and he plays hard, gets dirty and rallies the fans to come join him at the stadium & watch some baseball.

No other player around like him and should the NL MVP award go to someone else, it would be a sad day in baseball history

Viva Los Dodgers & our All-Star & future MVP, Matt Kemp!

Have You Given Up Hope?

Many of you (and by you, I’m including myself) have become utterly frustrated with the lackluster performance of our team. To top it off, we’re not only battling to remain in 3rd place (yeah, 3rd), us fans have to battle the constant banter from rival fans, the media, the news, and anyone else who is anti-Dodgers at the moment. It’s a tough time for the us, as well as the team.

But I ask you this, do you still sit and watch games until the 27th out? I do.

Does your heart jump every time a Dodger gets on base, thinking “Rally time!”?

Are you cheering from the stands, or cheering from home regardless of the score?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have NOT given up hope. You are, in fact, a die-hard Dodger fan. Your heart bleeds Dodger Blue from the very core and everyone around you knows it. Sure, we might be 13.5 games back from 2nd place, but those fairweather fans have already given up a long time ago. If you’re still bleeding Dodger Blue with me, don’t give up hope. There is no other fan like a Dodger fan, because even with a bankrupt team, even with the worst owner you could possibly imagine, even with decreasing stadium attendance and lack of offense, we’re still here. Waiting for the day when we can call our team World Champs!

Don’t give up hope & as always, Go Dodgers!

Farewell Furcal

Saturday night, the Dodgers traded SS Rafael Furcal to the St. Louis Cardinals. To say that I was sad is a bit of an understatement. Everyone knows that I hold a special place in my heart for Furcal. If you don’t know the story, let me direct you to this post:

Furcal was the Dodgers’ starting shortstop for five years. In those five years, he gave the team the best he had. He wowed the fans with amazing defensive plays, plays that otherwise would not have been made by any other shortstop in the league. At the plate, he showed us what a switch-hitter does as a leadoff man, which is where he spent all of his time on the Dodgers’ lineup. Furcal was the reason to show up by the bottom of the 1st or you’d risk missing out on a first inning, first pitch leadoff homerun to the right field seats. It happened to me…twice!

Again, I am probably biased in saying he was probably one of the best Dodger shortstops to come along this decade. There are more right-handed hitters in baseball, so therefore, more balls are hit to the shortstop. To fill the most dynamic defensive position in the game, it was only fitting for Dodgers to acquire a dynamic player such as Furcal. He showed us his range with web gems to the left or right of him. He made magnificent plays to prevent a runner from getting on base. He has a cannon of an arm that could throw out even the fastest jackrabbit on the base path. Not only that, but he was himself a good base stealer and made the game very exciting for the fans.

At this past Sunday’s game, the Dodgers publicly announced his trade and thanked Raffy for his tenure with the club. I heard many boos coming from those fairweather fans that often frequent giveaway days, but I did stand up and clap and I wish more people would have done the same thing. Many of his teammates had very good things to say about Raffy, as a player, as a teammate and as a person. Matt Kemp tweeted the following:

Tough loss 2day. Even tougher when u lose one of your teammates!! We gonna miss Raffy!! Cardinals got a great ball player and a great person

And we will all miss Raffy, or Fookie as some of the Dodgers liked to call him. From now on, we must see him in a Cardinals uniform.

Below are just some highlights of Raffy during his time in a Dodgers uniform.

Farewell Raffy, this Dodger fan will miss you.

Denver Trip 2011

ย Front entrance to Coors Field

At Jackson’s Sports Bar, great waitress despite our colors

Mr. Loney himself

Most underrated utility man in the game, Jamey Carroll

1st autograph on my baseball

Tony Gwynn (second to sign my ball)

Rally Cap time on Thursday night

Matt Kemp just shy of hitting for the cycle

Andre Ethier

also signed my ball! I had to chase him though

Said it was his first sign, so he had to take a picture of me with it

& I wanted one of him holding it

I couldn’t let him leave without getting a picture/autograph!

Ramon Troncoso signing my ball

He even RT’d my tweet of this picture.

Don’t believe me?

Here you go!

We definitely weren’t expecting him, but Mr. Donnie Baseball graced us with his presence

He signed my ball then

Drinks after Saturday’s win!

For Friday’s game!

Eyeliner & Mascara? No, we use Eye Black

Got caught candid on TV!

Great trip with a great group of friends

We love you Denver! City by the Bay!

Again, I apologize for my prolonged absence from this blog. I thought I’d have more time, but haven’t found any to sit and write about the Boys!

It’s been an exciting weekend for the Boys and I’m sure it has got the fan base pumped for the Boys to return home. Saturday, it was the amazing late-come-from-behind win on the bat of the Bison. He hit two homers, the latter of the two being a GRAND SLAM (w/ cheddar cheese…mmm my fave) to tie the game and the rest of the guys picking it up for a 11-8 win over the Reds. Just today, while Bills the pitcher was battling all the Reds bats (gave up four runs, allowed 11 baserunners…in only five innings), Chad the hitter, helped himself by homering (yeah, you heard it correctly) and doubling in a career-high 3 RBIs, and even drew a walk in an 11-pitch at-bat. It was definitely another perfect day in LA (well, the Boys are away, but you get the picture).

Okay, whoa! Who woke up the Dodger bats!? I’m not sure, but these are definitely not the Dodgers who left the homestand being shut out by the Rockies. I’m starting to see the spark grow…that same spark that came when Furcal was back in the lineup for two hours (joke, of course. I miss him. He’s on the 15-day DL for now, Wishing him a speedy recovery from a strained left oblique).

Matt Kemp– DISCIPLINE! The same Matt Kemp who was swinging at EVERY first pitch he saw last year… Well, it seems like he’s more focused now…both on at the plate and on the base path. He’s got a good eye on the pitch and has been hitting very well. He’s on route for a 30-30 season and a sure bet for the ASG during the break. If you haven’t already, please go vote for Matt Kemp as an All-Star. He should be starting!


More exciting news: I’m headed to Denver for the series this week! I leave Thursday from LAX with my close friends and I couldn’t beย more excited! This will be my first road trip with the Boys and it should be great times if they can keep this fire ignited! See you in Denver =)

Viva Los Dodgers!


Peace, Love & Baseball

Someone recently asked me why I love baseball. It was hard to explain at that given moment, so I told them I would write it down when I had enough time. Well, it’s been well over two months since I was asked that…and well over 5 months since my last post. I apologize to all my readers who have been waiting for a post. Here it goes:

When I first watched a baseball game at Dodger Stadium it was like an out-of-body experience. Baseball is not just a sport and not just a game. You can learn life experiences from it. It’s where a sacrifice (fly) is appreciated. The fundamentals are strengthened and supported. Even the best hitter will strike out 7 out of 10 times and the worst hitter can still make a contribution with a bunt.

This sport is not just about one star player. It embodies what teamwork is really about. A pitcher cannot win the game alone. He needs a catcher who can call the right pitches, an infield who can ground a ball & an outfield willing to dive for balls.

To win offensively, you can have the player hit a homerun, but the defense still needs to hold the other team off and the wonderful thing about it is there is NO TIME LIMIT.

27 outs, but if there is a tie, each team gets another inning to attempt to break it. Can’t break it? The game keeps going. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

The sport is about patience and precision, skill and technique, everything that you can continue to get better at and perfect with time. Not everyone can place the bat on the ball and make something happen of it.

The most wonderful thing I love about it is that the game is a family experience. I’ve gone to games with my dad and we’ve bonded over the Boys in Blue. My grandfather is a die-hard baseball fan in Mexico (although he watches more Yankees baseball than Dodgers).

It’s not as eloquently written as I wish it could be, but this is why I love baseball.

As Always, Viva Los Dodgers!


Colletti is Shopping for the Holidays

In this case, he is shopping for the 2011 season. It seems like Colletti is a whole different GM than he was last year. You can attribute that to the fact that he actually has money to spend on players this year. Instead of standing on the sidelines, Colletti is actively participating in getting the players that the club needs. Since my last update Colletti has signed 2 starting pitchers to complete the rotation, a 2nd baseman, solidified our man behind the plate and made room for more players to be obtained.


Hiroki Kuroda- Signed a one-year $12 million contract. I think it’s a big excessive, but he wants to be with the Dodgers and I hope he works on improving his pitching, especially when it comes to his first innings

Jon Garland- He was with us in the 2009 season and performed well, but really hit a stride when he signed with the Padres who held 1st place for most last season. His contract is for one-year, $5 million and club options, which could end up being $16 million for two years. He will be the 5th man in our rotation and is the innings-eater we’re looking for.

Juan Uribe- Signed for the steep sum of $21 million for 3 years, Uribe signed with the Dodgers after the Giants offered the same amount. He is a good bat and can basically play anywhere in the infield depending on what other moves Colletti makes. I think the amount of money we paid him is too much, but here’s to hoping he plays what he’s getting paid for.

Rod Barajas- Signed to a one-year $3.25 million contract, Rod returns are our starting pitcher while Martin is tendered due to his injury that kept him out of the latter part of last year. Rod showed us he is a great catcher and excellent hitter, something we’ve been looking for since Martin’s slump in the past two years.

Blake Hawksworth- Comes from the Cardinals in a trade for Ryan Theriot. He is not a game-changer, neither here nor there unless he works on his pitching. He couldn’t do it with the cards, let’s hope Honeycutt can work some magic


Russell J. Martin- After his injury, Dodgers can’t afford to give him a contract as a catcher and all he’ll be doing is sitting on the bench. However, latest news is that they’re giving him the option of another contract as a utility man. I’ll keep you posted on any updates with regards to what he decides. Let’s hope he doesn’t inform us like LeBron James did!

George Sherrill- Good riddance! Everyone knows I have not been a fan of his since his rapid descent somewhere in between 08 and 09. Sure, I felt bad for the guy who was booed. No one ever wants to be booed by their team’s fans. However, it was about time the Dodgers cut the cord on him!

Very good moves so far, but please, Colletti, don’t stop there. Keep working toward a better team because the Giants are the World Champs and we’re all sick of hearing it =/

Lastly, everyone knows that I bleed Dodger Blue and my heart is with them, but I have a love of a man who wears pinstripes and I affectionately call him Mo (like any of his fans would). Mariano Rivera was up for contract this year. He was offered large sums of money from the Red Sox, Angels, and various other teams looking to get their hands on the “Sandman“. He could have easily gotten $17 million a year signing with another team. What comes next is the mark of a baseball that is admirable, to say the least. He signed with the Yankees for 2 years and less money. Why, you ask? Why would anyone sign with a team for less money? Loyalty, that’s why. Yankees are the only team that Mo has ever played for. So, Mr. Rivera, to you I tip my cap because you are the epitome of what a baseball player should be. Loyal.

As always, Viva Los Dodgers!


Off-Season Update #1

I’d like to pretend that this season didn’t happen and that our rivals didn’t win the World Series… *closes eyes* ….Okay, I guess that didn’t work as well as I hoped. *cough* Congrats *cough* to the World Champs *mumble mumble, cough, sniff* yeah!

Enough of that! It is now officially the off-season and we’re all very sad that there is no baseball to watch! I’m counting down the days until spring training to visit Camelback and watch my boys do what they do best, which is play some ball! However, the Dodgers concern isn’t with spring training just yet. What is of biggest concern to our ball club is the roster. We have a lot of players who are eligible for free agency this year, some players who are up for raises through arbitration, player options and freed up salary for next year. I will break down the Dodgers’ options. A lot of moves need to be made if we’re looking to win a World Series in the next decade (which we should be!)

Already Signed

Ted Lilly- After his stellar performance last year since moving to the club that he’s dreamed of playing for since childhood, it was only proper to re-sign the California native. He’s signed to a 3-year $33 million dollar deal. Along with Kershaw & Billingsley, he is the only certainty we have in our rotation.

Jay Gibbons- Signed a 1-year contract for $650,000. Provides middle of the line-up run support and possible left-fielder position.

Not Returning

Scott Podsednik- Declined his 2011 option, which would have landed him $2 million.

Possible Free Agents

Hiroki Kuroda- Was struggling in the beginning, but came into his own during the second-half. Possibly the veteran pitcher Ned will sign.

Vicente Padilla- Pitched a hell of a season before getting injured before the playoff push. Possible veteran pitcher to be signed, but being prone to injuries may make it unlikely. I would like to see him come back. I mean, if he could keep up with CC in the NYY series, why not?

Rod Barajas- Insurance behind the plate seeing as Russell Martin finds himself on the injury list. Ned mentioned he wanted to sign him before the club lost exclusive negotiation rights.

Reed Johnson, Jeff Weaver- Doesn’t seem like Dodgers are yes or no about these two. Don’t add or take away from the team. I say let them go and get better pitchers!

Trade Possibilities

Loney- Had a second half slump. Overall, he has a general lack of power. Defensively, he’s a gem, but we desperately need the offense!

Kuroda vs Padilla

Kuroda will cost us $15 mil and Padilla will cost us $5 mil

Defensive/Offensive Needs

Left fielder- Can be filled by Gibbons or another player to have 4 OF

Infielders- 1st base power, 2nd base is locked down by Carroll since Theriot hit a slump, 3rd base power. Casey Blake isn’t cutting it. I’m not fearing the beard here.

Catching- Rod City seems to be working, we’ll see how he does in training if he’s signed.

Pitching- Veteran starter and veteran reliever needed to round out the bullpen. Broxton needs major work.

Money Available

$10 million is freed up from last year’s payroll

Names Being Mentioned (Pulled these from other blogs, articles, and even fan comments)

  • Prince Fielder
  • Adrian Gonzalez
  • Dan Uggla
  • Ivan De Jesus
  • Adam Dunn

Personally, I think we need all need to take one for the team and develop our farm system. LA is NOT going to win a world series with short-term fixes. Look at what the Giants have done. They are all Farm Boys! Sorry to say it, but we’re not buying our way to a World Series. We are not the Yankees. Way too much money has already been spent and it hasn’t gotten us anywhere, but I’d like to hear some of your thoughts.

Figured I’d bring back the “Wait ’til next year” motto that Dem Brooklyn Bums adopted. However, for us, it may be YEARS from now. We need to re-build this franchise. It means building from the bottom up. Strong foundation. Working with our prospects (instead of trading them away). We’re going to be ridiculed for having crappy everything regardless. So, I say we take another 3 or 4 crappy years and come back with a team that rivals this year’s Giants and last year’s Yankees. What do you say? 

Dem Bums T-Shirt

Dem Bums


Also, don’t forget to vote for Kuo, Belliard, & Dodgers Ballboy in the TYIB awards!


Until next time, think blue!


A Dodger Fan’s Worst Nightmare

Contributing factors:

  • Dodgers absent in playoffs
  • Giants stealing the NL West Division Title from Padres
  • Giants take best of 5 from the Braves in 4
  • Phillies sweep Reds
  • Giants/Phillies NLCS showdown
  • Howard strikes out looking and the GIANTS become the NL Champs

Dodger fans found themselves in their own personal hell this post season. Rooting for any team playing against either Giants or Phillies. “Giants won’t make it past the division series. They haven’t made playoffs since the turn of the century,” we kept telling ourselves. Then they made it to the NLCS. So, who do we root for? Some fans rooted for Giants. “They’re from the west!” Uhh, no. They’re the GIANTS! Blasphemy, I tell you! As much as I hate the Phillies for killing us in the NLCS the past two years, I was rooting for them to murder the Giants because I couldn’t even begin to imagine the ridicule we would have to endure whenever the Giants were in town. Making playoffs was bad enough. Making it to the NLCS AND doing what the Dodgers couldn’t do twice, we should just wear bags over our heads.

Have you bought yours yet? Because the Giants have won the NL pennant! Wait, did our long-time rivals just do what the Boys in Blue failed at? Did they play the game so well that they earn the title of National League Champs? Yes and I think I’m going to crawl under a rock and die!

Let me clarify. I am not saying that these teams do not deserve to be where they are. They do! They played the better ball all year and they are where they are because of it, but the boiling hate that fills me up even thinking about it is real.

This year’s Fall Classic will stage two unlikely organizations battling for the title of World Champions. The Rangers will be making their first appearance in their 40-year history. The Giants will be attempting to win their first title since moving to the West. Who will you be rooting for? If you say the Giants, please don’t call yourself a Dodger fan. True Blue fans will be rooting for the Rangers to take it all! Regardless of the outcome (crosses fingers for Giants to get swept), I will be expecting some good baseball! Because I am a Dodger fan first and a baseball fan second.

Interesting to note: Bengie Molina will be the key to Rangers winning the title. Being that he was a Giant for half of the season, he not only knows how the rotation pitches, but also knows the offense and their batting tendencies. He will most likely be getting a WS ring whether the Rangers win or lose (they’re going to win!)

Hoping for a great fall classic. As always, Viva Los Dodgers!