Have You Given Up Hope?

Many of you (and by you, I’m including myself) have become utterly frustrated with the lackluster performance of our team. To top it off, we’re not only battling to remain in 3rd place (yeah, 3rd), us fans have to battle the constant banter from rival fans, the media, the news, and anyone else who is anti-Dodgers at the moment. It’s a tough time for the us, as well as the team.

But I ask you this, do you still sit and watch games until the 27th out? I do.

Does your heart jump every time a Dodger gets on base, thinking “Rally time!”?

Are you cheering from the stands, or cheering from home regardless of the score?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have NOT given up hope. You are, in fact, a die-hard Dodger fan. Your heart bleeds Dodger Blue from the very core and everyone around you knows it. Sure, we might be 13.5 games back from 2nd place, but those fairweather fans have already given up a long time ago. If you’re still bleeding Dodger Blue with me, don’t give up hope. There is no other fan like a Dodger fan, because even with a bankrupt team, even with the worst owner you could possibly imagine, even with decreasing stadium attendance and lack of offense, we’re still here. Waiting for the day when we can call our team World Champs!

Don’t give up hope & as always, Go Dodgers!


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