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All Star Break





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WOOOOHHHHHHH we’re halfway there.
OOHHH Livin’ on a Prayer! Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is officially the
2010 All Star Break & Dodgers have 4 very deserving players representing
them on the National League team. Dodgers end the half with a 49-39 pct. Just 2
games behind the Padres tied with Colorado. The team is hitting well
collectively and it looks like they should fare well come second half.

Padilla pitched a brilliant 8-inning
shutout against the Cubs on Sunday night. His struck out 6 and finished strong.
It was nice to see his slow “soap bubble” pitch in person. Last minute plans
had me at Blue Heaven on Earth on Sunday night with my partner-in-crime (PIC),
Liz sitting in LFP! Great times. I tried my hand at scoring the game with NO
SUCCESS! It’s just very difficult to keep track in such a noisy area! Maybe if
I sat in a corner like loge or reserve. Oh, who am I kidding? I guess I’ll
score from home. Dodgers won 7-0 with a 3-run blast from Loney! This guy is
amazing! He’s just 3 RBI’s short of leading the majors! Now isn’t that
something? He’s underrated and overlooked. Just because he’s not making
millions to do what he does means he’s any less talented or deserving than the
big salary players. Look out for Loney because he’s only just getting started.

This is Turtle's Town!

Check out this mini billboard outside of RF Pavilion. It’s pretty freaking awesome! I got to make my own This Is My Town Billboard!

Dodgers' Angels

Only Angels around here are Charlie’s and they’re Dodgers fans lol

Though the countless All Star Break
celebrations have been going on since last week, the festivities officially
started Monday with the State Farm Homerun Derby and the All Stars Legends and
Celebrities Softball Game. To the surprise of everyone, David “Big Papi” Ortiz
won the derby by belting out 32 homeruns at the Big A. Hanley Ramirez from the
Marlins gave him a run for his money, but being that they were old friends, it
was just hugs and laughs after the fact. Ubaldo Jimenez has been slated to
start against the AL tonight at 8PM ET. Jimenez is an amazing pitcher and I’m
excited to see what he’ll bring to the table. Ethier is set to play center
field and bat 7th in the lineup. I’m hoping I can get a Furcal
jersey or shirt! However, it may be too late
Make sure you catch our boys battle for the home field advantage! Should be a
good game.


Wish Granted: Raffy is an All-Star!

It’s like the Baseball Gods read my blog & decided to grant me a wish. Rafael Furcal will be joining his teammates Andre Ethier and Jonathan Broxton in the 2010 MLB All-Star Game this Tuesday, July 13th. This will be his second ASG appearance since his MLB debut. I couldn’t be happier to hear that he was given the opportunity (though I do wish Jose Reyes NYM a speedy recovery). I’m glad he is being recognized in this manner. I will quote some of the fan comments from the Dodgers website about the news. They just describe him so well!


“You really deserve this after all you’ve been through…”

“Raffy has been the veteran backbone of this team…”

“I’m sure your dad will be proud and so are we.”

“A just reward for a player who has persevered over adversity…”

“When Furcal was playing for the Braves, I watched him turn a bunt into a double…”

“He is the key to the Dodgers’ lineup.”

“Seriously a well-deserved honor…”


Cubbies maul the Dodgers: Ely’s short outing earned him the L in yesterday’s game, as the Dodgers were unable to capitalize and lost 7-3 against Chicago Cubs. Dodgers send Padilla to the mound today (5pm) to close out strong before the All-Star break. He is 2-1 in his last three starts, giving up just 3 runs in 20 1/3 innings and striking out 21. I’m hoping to see another great outing! It’ll be a good game. I’m looking for tickets now, so hope to see you there!


Blogger Support: Roberto did me the great honor of shouting out my blog on his blog (love the blogger-blogger love/support) so if you don’t follow his blog already, check it out: Vin Scully Is My Homeboy


Until next time,


Arriba Los Doyers!


[Addendum: Looks like God is a Dodgers fan! Hong-Chi Kuo has been named a 2010 All-Star! Although he replaces Jason Heyward due to injury, we’re glad he was the one. He will be the first Taiwanese-born player ever to be an All-Star. Congrats Hong-Chi! You definitely deserve it :)]

Kershaw & Furcal on Fire

Kershaw delivered a magnificent performance tonight as pitched 8 innings earning 2 runs off 7 hits, walking NONE and he struck out 12 Cubbies (13 is his career high). This start around, he got the W thanks to Big John closing out the 9th and getting the save. (Let’s not recall that Broxton blew 4 of Kershaw’s W’s last season & he blew the Yankee game on 6/27 which was another Kershaw start). Regardless of that, Dodgers were able to pull out the W. Backing up Kershaw’s amazing pitching was the bat of Red-Hot Rafael “Fuego” Furcal! Raffy went 3-for-3, (Single, Double, HR) shy of hitting for the cycle, stole a base & secured Kershaw the W when he hit a 2-run BOMB. Again, tell me why this man is not in the All Star game?? When the American League is packed with power hitters, why are we not packing our team with pitching AND hitting?? I personally voted 100 times (4 different emails) and each 100 times it was for Raffy. Did he get on the team? No. Regardless, I think Furcal has given great performances day after day especially coming off from his difficult month of June. After mentioning his tough time dealing with the loss of his father, he said his father would’ve wanted him to play and play well. This man plays for the Love of the Game & he’s an All-Star in my eyes. I suggest he plays the song by Fuego called Super Estrella (Super Star) from now on, even though I love his current at-bat song “Chambonea” by Omega. =D and if you’re wondering, Raffy is my all-time favorite Dodger. He’s been with the club since I’ve been a fan. I hope he stays with them because he deserves to be playing every day like he should be.

All Star Weekend starting tomorrow. I will be going to Fan Fest in Anaheim convention center tomorrow with a fellow baseball fan (however, he is a Yankees’ fan eek!) Should be good times. My first time going. I will definitely take plenty of pictures!

Starting line up for the NL All Star team is:

C: Yadier Molina (STL)
1B: Albert Pujols (STL)
2B: Chase Utley (PHI)
SS: Hanley Ramirez (FLA)
3B: David Wright (NYM)
OF: Ryan Braun (MIL)
OF: Andre Ethier (LAD)
OF: Jason Heyward (ATL)

Representing the Dodgers will also be Broxton on the pitching staff. Torre will manage the NL league & he looks to battle the AL power hitters with big-time pitching with the likes of Carpenter, Halladay, Jimenez, Lincecum, and Wainwright to name a few. It should be a great game and if you’re not planning on watching it, you’d regret it!

Friday’s probables: Billingsley set to take the mound against Ted Lilly. Bills, after coming off a rough April and the injured list, has been pitching better and with more confidence. Pitch count gets high, but he has only allowed a total of 3 runs in his last two starts. A very happy birthday to my twitter friends @DodgerGirl_86 @dodgerdaisy & @AYE_DREE_AN who will be in LFP for tonight’s game to celebrate!

Until next time,
Arriba Los Doyers