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Trade Deadline Madness!

With all the drama of “the Divorce” and having a Russian Scientist on the Dodgers’ payroll, most of us were uncertain of what kind of moves would be (or even could be) made before the deadline. Once again, Coletti surprised us with three moves that brought us a variety of players. We got an IF, OF, RHP (Reliever), and LHP (Starter). Please welcome your new Dodgers for the latter half of the 2010 season:



Scott Podsenik
.309 AVG, 5 HR, 45 RBI, 47 Runs, 31 SB

Ted Lilly
3-8 W-L, 3.69 ERA, 89 Strikes, 29 Walks

Ryan “The Riot” Theriot
.284 AVG, 1 HR, 21 RBI, 45 Runs, 16 SB

Octavio Dotel
2-2 W-L, 4.28 ERA, 41 relief innings with Pirates


What we lost:


Blake DeWitt
.270 AVG, 1 HR, 30 RBI, 29 Runs, 2 SB

5 Minor leaguers & James McDonald


I waited a couple of hours after the deadline was over to see if anything else had come up. Of course, I’m a little upset that they gave up an IF for an IF. We needed pitching. We had a 2B in DeWitt, but we also had a better utility in Carroll who could have covered the entire field (Bugs Bunny-style) including 2B. However, I could be mad and upset (which I let out all my frustrations to the Twitter community as the trade deadline updates were being released), but I figure, Ned Coletti is working with what little (and we mean little) resources he has available to him. DeWitt, I’m going to miss you, that’s for sure, but if these moves get us closer to playoff contention, good luck in Chicago! You’ll be welcomed back anytime, that’s a fact!

Currently, Dodgers are holding tight to a 1-0 league over their Bay Area long-time rivals, the SF Giants. They’re in DESPERATE need of this win after dropping 2/3 in SD and first of three in SF. Let’s go Dodgers!

Also, check out http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/ as she is a featured blog on http://mlblogs.com ! Gotta love all the Dodger Blue love MLB is showing us 🙂


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