We love you Denver! City by the Bay!

Again, I apologize for my prolonged absence from this blog. I thought I’d have more time, but haven’t found any to sit and write about the Boys!

It’s been an exciting weekend for the Boys and I’m sure it has got the fan base pumped for the Boys to return home. Saturday, it was the amazing late-come-from-behind win on the bat of the Bison. He hit two homers, the latter of the two being a GRAND SLAM (w/ cheddar cheese…mmm my fave) to tie the game and the rest of the guys picking it up for a 11-8 win over the Reds. Just today, while Bills the pitcher was battling all the Reds bats (gave up four runs, allowed 11 baserunners…in only five innings), Chad the hitter, helped himself by homering (yeah, you heard it correctly) and doubling in a career-high 3 RBIs, and even drew a walk in an 11-pitch at-bat. It was definitely another perfect day in LA (well, the Boys are away, but you get the picture).

Okay, whoa! Who woke up the Dodger bats!? I’m not sure, but these are definitely not the Dodgers who left the homestand being shut out by the Rockies. I’m starting to see the spark grow…that same spark that came when Furcal was back in the lineup for two hours (joke, of course. I miss him. He’s on the 15-day DL for now, Wishing him a speedy recovery from a strained left oblique).

Matt Kemp– DISCIPLINE! The same Matt Kemp who was swinging at EVERY first pitch he saw last year… Well, it seems like he’s more focused now…both on at the plate and on the base path. He’s got a good eye on the pitch and has been hitting very well. He’s on route for a 30-30 season and a sure bet for the ASG during the break. If you haven’t already, please go vote for Matt Kemp as an All-Star. He should be starting!


More exciting news: I’m headed to Denver for the series this week! I leave Thursday from LAX with my close friends and I couldn’t be more excited! This will be my first road trip with the Boys and it should be great times if they can keep this fire ignited! See you in Denver =)

Viva Los Dodgers!



One comment

  1. M Coster

    It’s true, Kemp has really stepped it up and matured as a player and a leader on the team. His patience is paying off, realizing that if he lays off the junk (which get called balls), he’ll eventually see a better pitch – then he clobbers it. If he doesn’t see that good pitch, he walks, then steals a base.

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